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Ed Bell: A “Berry” Good Speaker

Ed Bell is a farmer from Hagerstown, Indiana. He is a family man, speaker, disability consultant, and farmer. Ed grew up on the family farm, graduated Purdue University’s Short course, and returned to his farm to pursue his dreams. In 1982 at the age of twenty-one Ed survived a violent criminal attack and sustained a gunshot wound, which left him permanently, paralyzed.

Adversity has not been a stranger to Ed. Adversity continues to be a regular visitor to the Bell family, including a fire that destroyed their old log home in 1995. Ed Bell has endured fiery trials of life that could have left him broken, but instead have made him stronger.

Ed Bell is a farmer at heart. He enjoys working on the family farm raising strawberries. He also enjoys cultivating people by sowing the optimistic seeds of hope, humor, faith, and perseverance as he speaks to audiences across the nation. Bell’s speeches are harvested from real life experiences. Ed has overcome many storms and now uses his experiences to encourage others.

Ed has won many awards for his conquering attitude. He has been featured in national magazines, and TV programs. Ed has brought his homespun style of optimism to conferences and seminars across the nation. He has spoken to hundreds of groups since 1990.

Ed Bell can motivate and inspire your conference, seminar, business, school, church, and family. Ed can teach your group how to cultivate adversity with the tools of joy, laughter, faith, and optimism in order to harvest a crop of encouragement, contentment, and integrity.

Ed Bell will also be joining us to speak at the 2013 LPIN Convention. Make sure that you get your tickets to see Bell and many other amazing speakers.

For Scheduling and investment please contact:

Ed Bell
16447 State Road 38
Hagerstown, IN 47346
765 489 5753
765 489 6136 Fax – Relay 711

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The Libertarian Party is America, and Indiana’s, third largest political party, founded in 1971 as an alternative to the two main political parties. Its vision is for a world in which all individuals can freely exercise the natural right of sole dominion over their own lives, liberty and property by building a political party that elects Libertarians to public office, and moving public policy in a libertarian direction.

The Libertarian Party of Indiana was formed in 1974, and has maintained ballot access since 1994.

Rex Bell: Oh Deer…

I imagine most of you by now have heard about the policeman down the road in Connersville that rescued an injured fawn and nursed it back to health. A Department of Natural Resources officer issued a ticket, the DNR ordered the deer killed, and the policeman and his wife now face possible fines and jail time.

As you would expect, and as it should have, the case has raised a great deal of sympathy and support for the dependents, and a great deal of scorn and disgust for the DNR. I’m glad to see it is also raising awareness of a much underpublicized and underutilized resource we have as citizens. Jury nullification.

 Art. 1, Sec. 19, of Indiana’s Constitution says:

In all criminal cases whatever, the jury shall have the right to determine the law and the facts. 

It simply means, if you are on a jury, you get to judge the law…not just the defendant. If a law is so bad that it would send a person to jail for demonstrating an act of compassion, you can find the defendant not guilty. It’s just that simple.

I hope a lot of people will familiarize themselves with the concept of jury nullification because of this particular case. I also hope they will discuss it with their friends, and then the next time they are on a jury where the defendants are charged with a crime wherein no one was hurt or defrauded, and the only thing that was threatened was government power, I hope they will use the power they have to save the defendant from suffering because of an unjust law.

I know I will.

By the way, if you would like to learn more about your rights and jury nullification, please visit The Fully Informed Jury Association at

Bell: Less than we hoped, but more than we expected…

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone that helped with my campaign, donated to my campaign, or voted for me in the recent election. I imagine most people are as happy as I am that the campaign is finally over. As least the ones I’ve talked to are. I’ve run for office a few times in the past, always on the Libertarian ticket, which requires that you really need to be both an optimist and a realist.

At the end of most of those elections, when people asked me how it went, I could honestly say the election went not as well as I had hoped, but better than I expected. This last election I was able to win 6 precincts. They tell me a Libertarian candidate for Congress has never done that before. I also finished second in 6 other precincts. Of course, I finished third in most of them.

Several other Libertarian candidates in Indiana saw significant growth in both numbers and percentages over past elections, but again, not as much as I had hoped, and this time not as much as I expected. I probably let my optimism influence my view of reality a little too much, but I honestly thought that with the government and the country being in the shape they’re in, a few more people might be ready for some limits on their government.

But, when I woke up Wednesday morning, I saw that about 100 million people chose to vote for war over peace, debt over prosperity, regulation over free will, government programs over personal responsibility, and dependency over freedom.

But then I thought, on the other hand, there were about 240 million people that didn’t. That gives me hope.

And while the optimist in me says we’ll get ’em the next time, the realist in me says maybe it will be the time after that.

Bell: What is your Choice on Election Day Really?

Regardless of the number of candidates on the ballot this November 6th, we really have just two choices. We can choose limited government, or we can choose unlimited government. While the GOP and the Democrats might have some minor differences in tax redistribution, both believe that the government has a pre-existing claim to our wages and property. They might place a temporary limit on the amount the government can take, and they might agree to cut spending on a program or two during an economic downturn, but in the final analysis, after the campaign rhetoric is over, both parties still agree that the government should have the ability to decide how much control it has over our lives.

The fact that most of us can’t name three things the government doesn’t tax or regulate isn’t the result of just one of those parties being in charge. It’s the result of both parties increasing the scope and cost of government for the last 150 years. If we are truly honest with ourselves, we probably know neither party has any intention of miraculously changing after this election.

On the other hand, the Libertarian Party wants to restore limits to government. Limits on local government, limits on state government, and limits on the federal government.

Lots of candidates, lots of issues, but only two real choices. Limited government, or unlimited government. If you want a limited government, sooner or later you’re going to have to vote for it.

Hopefully sooner than later.

Candidate Achievements in 2012: Rex Bell for House District Six

After a historic run for House District 54, Rex Bell decided to give it a shot for the open seat in the sixth district. He’s put the same energy into winning this seat that led him to be the first third party state house candidate in 85 years to get above 20% in a three way race.

The cornerstone of the campaign has been outreach events. Rex has attended 11 parades, spent 18 full days at local fairs, attended 3 forums, and participated in 1 debate with his opponents.

Rex also stands out because of his district-wide advertising. Rex has put up 16 billboards, 50 4×8 yard signs, and 100 small yard signs. He’s also bought 36 newspaper ads.  His total raised and spent was $7,500 over the course of the campaign.

Rex also has built a good relationship with the media, and it has paid off this cycle. He has had four television appearances that add up to 70 minutes of TV time, sat down for six newspaper interviews, and four radio interviews.

The Week Ahead in the LPIN: Debates, Candidate Events and Gary Johnson Returns!

It’s a busy week ahead for the Libertarian Party of Indiana!


Chard Reid Debates Opponents in Congressional District 5 Debate

  • Please come out to support Chard!
  • 3085 W. 116th St. Carmel, IN 46032
  • Doors open at 6:30 PM EST, Debate starts at 7 PM and Ends at 9 PM
  • Congregation Shaarey Tefilla, 3085 W. 116th St. Carmel, IN 46032
  • Facebook Event:

Andy Horning calls in to the Gary Snyder Show

Andy Horning Speaks at the Speedway Exchange Club Candidates Forum
  • Monday from 6:15-8:30 pm, plus a mixer
  • Speedway High School
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • The Exchange Club of Speedway will host a Candidate Forum/Town Meeting at Speedway High School, Monday, Oct. 22  Participants will include Senate candidate Andy Horning; Paul Tencher, authorized by Joe Donnelly to speak for him as campaign manager; Brose McVey, authorized by Richard Mourdock to speak for him as deputy campaign manager; 7th District candidate Carlos May; and a representative of Andre Carson.. Also, Senate 35 candidates Mike Young and Mark Waterfill, and House 92 candidates Karlee Macer and Tim Motsinger. Star editorial page editor Tim Swarens; UIndy international relations specialist Doug Woodwell (Yale 04); and Cynthia Baker, Dir of the Program on Law and State Govt, IU McKinney School of Law– and the audience– will question the speakers.
  • First come free tickets for 270 seats may be picked up at Grindstone Charlie’s, 5822 Crawfordsville Rd (in front of Speedway Shopping Center), Saturday, Oct 20, 11 am to 3 pm; Sunday, Oct 21 4 pm to 7 pm, or Monday, Oct 22, 11 am to 1 pm. Walk ins as seats available.
  • Facebook Event:
Rupert Speaks at IUPUI Politicalpalooza
  • 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
  •  Campus Center, room CE450 A
  • Each candidate holds a 30 minute Q&A session

Executive Director Chris Spangle Offers Commentary on the Final Old Party Debate from the Indy Star Newsroom

  • Follow the hashtag #StarDebate for his thoughts
  • Please help promote Gov. Gary Johnson by tweeting about him using this hash tag!


Andrew Horning Participates in US Senate Debate

  • Date: Tuesday, October 23
  • Broadcast Time: 7 p.m. EDT (6 Pm CST)
  • City: New Albany, IN
  • Venue: Paul W. Ogle Cultural & Community Center, Indiana University Southeast (live audience – seating up to 500), Sold Out
  • Moderator: Ericka Flye, WRTV anchor and host of “Indianapolis This Week”
  • Where to Watch or Listen:
Free and Equal Presidential Debate with Governor Gary Johnson
  • The debate will be broadcast live at, Link TV, and Al Jazeera
  • RSVP:
  • Hosted by Free and Equal, the debate will take place at the University Club of Chicago on October 23. Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode, and Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson have all confirmed their participation in the debate.
  • Moderator: Larry King
  • This debate is the only 2012 Presidential Debate featuring four candidates. The top six candidates were invited to participate. Democratic Party candidate and incumbent Barack Obama and Republican Party candidate Mitt Romney are welcome to participate in this historic debate.
  • “Questions will include foreign policy, the economy, civil rights, and other critical policy issues that affect not only Americans, but the rest of the world as well,” stated Christina Tobin, founder and chair of Free & Equal. “We are honored to have Al Jazeera and Link TV broadcast this historic event.”
  • Facebook Event:


Governor Gary Johnson  Returns to Indiana! 

Governor Gary Johnson is returning to the Hoosier State for two days! Three stops are in the works, but only one is confirmed. Please check this facebook event for updates and changes:

Wednesday Evening:

  • Libertarian Party of Shelby County Candidate Meet and Greet
  • Moral Township Fire Station – 8333 North Frontage Road Fairland, IN 46126
  •  6 PM – Dark
  • Free and Open to the Public, All media welcome
  • This will be the only meet and greet in Central Indiana on this stop.
  • Come see Gary Johnson, Rupert Boneham, Rex Bell, and other candidates as they briefly address the crowds on their ideas for America. The majority of time will be spent mingling with the candidates and other Hoosiers, snapping photos with the candidates, and a few other exciting things! This event will be outside, but the weather will be warm.

Other potential stops:

  • Northern Indiana campus stop on Wednesday
  • Indianapolis-area school stop on Thursday
  • These may be limited or closed to the public. Details TBD.
Rupert Boneham Speaks to WSVX 96.5 FM in Shelbyville, IN


Rupert Boneham Participates in Indiana Gubernatorial Debate

Fort Wayne Debate Watch Party and Celebration

  • Who: Libertarians & friends
  • What: Meetup to watch the governors debate in Fort Wayne
  • Where: Private meeting room, Hotel Marriott, 305 E Washington Center Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46825
  • When: Thursday, October 25th, from 6P – 10P
  • Rupert will join the party after the debate!
  • Facebook Event:
Executive Director Chris Spangle stands in for Gary Johnson at the Carmel High School Mock Presidential Debate
  • Live streamed to 4,000 students
Wabash Chamber of Commerce 2nd Congressional District Debate with Joe Ruiz
  • Dallas Winchester Senior Center – 239 Bond St. Wabash, IN
  • 7 – 8:30 pm EST
  • The public is invited & encouraged to attend! Please support Joe!
  • For more information, contact Pat Lynn 260.563.5469 of the Chamber


Rupert calls in to the Amos Brown Show

Rupert calls in to the Gary Snyder Show


LPMC Volunteers at the Irvington Halloween Street Fair

  • Saturday, October 27, 2012
  • 9:00am until 5:00pm
  • Help the Libertarian Party spread the word on the East Side of Indianapolis! The Historic Irvington Halloween Festival culminates on the final day of the festival with a street fair that includes over 120 vendors, live-music, children’s events and a costume parade.
  • Historic Irvington, 5700 East Washington Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46219


Second District Congressional Candidate Debate with Joe Ruiz

  • The American Democracy Project and Political Science Club of Indiana University South Bend and the League of Women Voters of the South Bend Area will host the third bi-annual Second District Congressional Candidate Debate to be televised live on WNIT-TV
  • Sunday, October 28 6-7:30 p.m.
  • Confirmed participants include Democratic candidate Brendan Mullen and Libertarian candidate Joe Ruiz.
  • For more information:

Rex Bell speaks to the WRTV6 Democracy 2012 Project

Rex Bell, U.S. House 6th District Candidate, speaks to the WRTV6 Democracy 2012 Project. Click here to view:

Bell: Consider more than same old status quo

(Congressional Candidate Rex Bell (L-6) recently had a letter to the editor published in the New Castle Courier Times)

Many of the debates being planned in preparation for the upcoming election will not present voters with all of the options that will be on their ballot Nov. 6. Several will include the Republican and Democratic candidates, but not the Libertarians. The Libertarian candidates have not only achieved ballot access at both the state and national level, but also offer the only solutions that will actually limit the power of government. Organizers need to consider whether the purpose of the debates is to present the voters with all of their choices, or simply showcase the candidates who support the status quo.

We can choose to include all candidates in the debates, and have an open and honest discussion about the possibilities of creating a limited government, or we can choose to only include the candidates from the two old parties, and simply have a discussion about which of those parties gets to be in charge of our currently unlimited government.

Congressional District 6 Debate to be held at Ball State October 2

The Ball State College Republicans and the Ball State University Democrats in conjunction with the Muncie-Delaware County Chamber of Commerce and the League of Women Voters of Muncie-Delaware County are scheduled to host the Sixth District Congressional Candidates in a debate. The event will be held on Oct. 2, 2012 at Pruis Hall on Ball State’s campus at 7:30 p.m.  It will be open and free-of-charge to the public.

The debate is scheduled to last 75 minutes. All sixth district congressional candidates on the November ballot will be featured: Republican Luke Messer of Shelbyville, Democrat Bradley Bookout of Muncie and Libertarian Rex Bell of Hagerstown.

The debate will be held with the goal of giving the voters within the sixth district the opportunity to hear each candidate’s message.  Between the recent redistricting and the currently open seat due to Congressman Mike Pence’s run for the Indiana governorship, it will be a consolidated forum that will give the voters the opportunity to hear candidates speak on a several issues.

Moderating the debate is Phil Bremen, assistant professor of telecommunications at Ball State. Bremen, a former NBC News correspondent, last spring moderated the only debate between Sen. Dick Lugar and his challenger in the Republican primary, state Treasurer Richard Mourdock. Bremen is faculty adviser to Ball State’s Emmy Award-winning student newscast, NewsLink Indiana.

A panel of Ball State political science professors, Dr. Ray Scheele and Dr. Charles Ta.

Rex Bell on SCOTUS AHCA Ruling

Rex Bell, Libertarian candidate for the 6th District seat in the United States House of Representatives has issued the following statement concerning the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Constitutionality of the Affordable Health Care Act.

“It is disappointing, but not suprising, that the court would support this new law. I think the decision illustrates once again that there are no longer any restraints on the federal government at the federal level. We have reached the point where the government can do anything it wants. When we couple this with the provisions of the Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act, and the recent National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order, we realize that the federal government now believes there are no limits on the power it holds over the citizens of the United States. If we have any hope of turning that line of reasoning around, voters will have to start selecting candidates at both the state and federal level who pledge to uphold the 10th Amendment to the Constitution, which gives the individual states the power to ignore and nullify unconstitutional mandates sent down from Washington. It’s also becoming increasingly clear that most politicians from the old parties are not willing to make that stand.”

Rupert for Governor Campaign to visit Wayne County Fair Wednesday

Rupert Boneham, star of TV’s Survivor!, and the Libertarian Party of Indiana’s candidate for Governor, will visit the Wayne County 4-H Fair on Wednesday, June 27th, at 6:30 P.M. Rupert will be on hand to answer questions from the media and the public, and will also be available for autographs and pictures. Also appearing with Rupert will be Brad Klopfenstein, Libertarian candidate for Lt. Governor; Rex Bell,  candidate for 6th District U.S. House; Jeremiah Morrell, candidate for District 54 Indiana House; Mark Brim, candidate for District 56 Indiana House; and Mark Hoelscher, candidate for Wayne County Council.

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Gov. Gary Johnson Endorses Three Hoosier Candidates

Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Governor Johnson is pleased to announce, on behalf of himself, Judge Gray and the Johnson/Gray2012 Campaign, his endorsement of the following Hoosier Federal candidates.

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The Bell Curve: I do….

(Learn More about Rex Bell at his campaign website, Rex Bell for US Congress, D6)

I’ve never been what you would call “athletically inclined”. I did manage to make a basket once when I was on the 6th grade basketball team at Millville Grade School, when my old buddy Stinky Wilmont yelled “shoot it” at the final buzzer. Of course, that shot missed the backboard, but I did manage to hit the first of two free throws I was awarded when a fellow bench warmer from the opposing team stuck his finger in my eye while he was blocking my field goal. Even though I was able to cut the margin of our defeat that game down to 27 points, nobody asked me to play on the 7th grade team the next year, and what little interest I had in basketball faded quickly away.

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Volunteer Opportunity: Join Rex Bell and Brad Klopfenstein in Fortville this Saturday

Volunteers are needed! Congressional candidate (D-6) Rex Bell and Lt. Governor candidate Brad Klopfenstein are walking in the Fortville, IN parade on Saturday morning. They are looking for volunteers to walk in the parade to show support for our candidates! Please meet Rex and Brad at 8 AM at Memorial Park to participate. For questions or to RSVP, email Brad at

Click for Directions

The Bell Curve: Just what we deserve….

Back when my old buddy Stinky Wilmont and I were attending Millville Grade School, “spare the rod and spoil the child” was still a popular and accepted philosophy of discipline. For the most part, I was a fairly well behaved student, but Stinky tended to be a little more unruly. I think that’s probably why he spent so much time in the principal’s office. It seemed like Stinky was always “getting what he had coming to him”, or “getting what he deserved”. At least he was getting what the principal thought he deserved. And I suppose he did get what he deserved when he threw a rock through Summit Taylor’s garage window, and he probably got what he had coming to him when he tied that dead opossum to the muffler on Miss Wangle’s Volkswagen. It always seemed kind of obvious to me that if you caused harm to someone or something, you most likely deserved something, whether you thought you deserved it or not.

Every once in a while Stinky would do something so grievous that the whole class would be punished. We missed a lot of recesses because of his transgressions. I never did understand why the teacher thought we all deserved to be punished on Stinky’s account, but when you’re in the third grade or somewhere there abouts, you don’t really get to decide those kinds of things. I remember hoping that when I grew up I would have a little more input on deciding what I deserved for not doing something.

My first regular job was working for Dawson Pope, a contractor up in Mooreland. I thought I deserved $5.00 an hour for my labors. Dawson thought I deserved $1.65. It turns out he was right, I guess, or at least that he was the one who got to make the decision. I liked Dawson a lot, but we never did agree on what I deserved.

When I started my own business 38 years ago, it didn’t take long to figure out that what I thought I deserved, and what I thought my customers deserved, needed to coincide pretty closely with what my potential customers thought I deserved and what they thought they deserved. Otherwise, they most likely wouldn’t become my customer. Seemed like the best way to decide who deserved what, or at least the best way I had found so far.

I read an article the other day from the Social Security Administration, encouraging injured people to sign-up early for disability benefits. According to the story, if you don’t sign up right away, you might miss out on some of the benefits you have coming to you. Now, I understand that there are a lot of people in this world who need some help, and probably some more than others. And I also understand that the people down at the Social Security office have the authority to decide who supposedly deserves benefits and who doesn’t. But I’m not sure how anybody thinks they have the right to decide that one person somehow automatically deserves another person’s property. I figure a person ought to decide that for themselves.

But every month the government makes that decision for about 15 million people. No doubt a lot of those people need it. I’m just not convinced the right people have determined they deserve it. Our government spends a lot of its time passing out a lot of our money to people who may or may not deserve it. Every month it sends out about a million checks, redistributing our tax money through a myriad of social and entitlement programs, all designed to keep recipients convinced that they deserve it, and keep them dependent on the government, and keep the people running the programs and the government in jobs.

The problem is the government is redistributing more money than it is collecting, by about $15 trillion, so far. And if we keep sending the same people back to Washington, by the next presidential election, that debt will have reached $20 trillion, with another $100 trillion in unfunded but promised liabilities.

That’s a lot of debt to hand to our children and grandchildren.

I’m just not sure they deserve it.

(Learn about Rex Bell for 6th District Representative at his website