Candidate Achievements in 2012: Rex Bell for House District Six

After a historic run for House District 54, Rex Bell decided to give it a shot for the open seat in the sixth district. He’s put the same energy into winning this seat that led him to be the first third party state house candidate in 85 years to get above 20% in a three way race.

The cornerstone of the campaign has been outreach events. Rex has attended 11 parades, spent 18 full days at local fairs, attended 3 forums, and participated in 1 debate with his opponents.

Rex also stands out because of his district-wide advertising. Rex has put up 16 billboards, 50 4×8 yard signs, and 100 small yard signs. He’s also bought 36 newspaper ads. His total raised and spent was $7,500 over the course of the campaign.

Rex also has built a good relationship with the media, and it has paid off this cycle. He has had four television appearances that add up to 70 minutes of TV time, sat down for six newspaper interviews, and four radio interviews.

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