Soultz Sworn In

After celebrating victory in the 2023 Indiana municipal elections, Libertarian Party of Indiana member Clayton Soultz is set to begin his term as the calendar turns to 2024.

Soultz was elected to the Jonesboro City Council in Grant County in November.

He becomes the first-ever Libertarian elected to office in Grant County. “I’m honored to serve in the government of Jonesboro, just like my grandfather did before me,” Soultz said. The 28-year-old is a fifth-generation Grant County resident. His grandfather, Chuck Soultz, served as Jonesboro town manager in the 1980s.

Soultz ran unopposed for the seat in Jonesboro.

“This is a pivotal point for our local party,” he said. “We only reaffiliated the Grant County affiliate three years ago, and we are already making our presence known.”

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