Sad News – David Nolan, R.I.P.

Libertarians across the country were saddened to learn that a co-founder of the Libertarian Party, David Nolan, had died suddenly Saturday night. The Libertarian Party was actually formed in Nolan’s living room. There are many articles in response. Here’s a small sampling:

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Independent Political Report – the comments are loaded with tributes

David Nolan was on the current Libertarian National Committee, and just recently ran for US Senate against John McCain. He invented the “Nolan Chart”, a later version of which is now used by the Advocates For Smaller Government, which we all use for outreach at events.

Greg Noland administers ‘The World’s Smallest Political Quiz’, which incorporates ‘The Nolan Chart”. Photo from recent Good Earth Festival in Atlanta, IN.

David was apparently driving to an event to support the Advocates. He had created a fundraising event for his upcoming birthday – Tuesday – asking Facebook friends to support the Advocates as a birthday wish. Link to the page to donate in David’s memory.

I had the opportunity to meet with David at several LP national conventions. My lasting impressions of him are of his calm demeanor at the microphone during heated platform arguments, as the voice of reason, but as one deeply respected by each of the various factions within the party. The room always got respectfully quieter when David Nolan began to speak.

Here is video of David discussing the formation of the LP:

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