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Do you wish you could share your love of liberty and help to grow LPIN? Become an Advocate! The LPIN is launching a referral program to dramatically grow our membership. Anyone can start right now, just signup below for your special link.

1. Become an Advocate

Take direct action. Together, we can make the LPIN stronger than ever before. You’ll get a simple link to track your donations immediately after signup.

2. Recruit New Members

Use your social circle to get new members to join. Show them why you are a member of the LPIN and why they should be too!

3. Become a Partner

If you are successful and raise a minimum of $500 you can optionally apply to be a partner of the LPIN. We will pay a finder’s fee for every new member you get to sign up for the Libertarian Party. And the rewards are significant. For every Basic member you get to sign up, we’ll pay you $5. For every Lifetime member we’ll pay you $300!

We will reach out once you’ve reached the threshold.

Become an Advocate

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