Jasper, Schick Tapped By LPIN To Complete Statewide Ticket

(Indianapolis, Indiana) The Libertarian Party of Indiana announced this week the selections of Mike Jasper and John Schick for Indiana treasurer and auditor, respectively. Jasper and Schick join Secretary of State candidate Karl Tatgenhorst on this fall’s ballot.

Mike Jasper – State Treasurer
Mike Jasper is a partner of Synergy 360. Mike has devoted his adult life to the financial management of businesses and individuals. He has worked in public practice as a CPA (now inactive), as controller and CFO for small businesses and, beginning in 1982, with Thomson McKinnon Securities as a Financial Advisor. Since 1989, he has provided financial planning services through Craftmaster Enterprises. Over the span of his career he has staffed audits of Fortune 500 companies, small privately held firms, joint ventures, not-for-profit organizations and their employee benefit plans.

He has provided services to a major University and Hospital 403(b) plans as well as worked with small businesses on Keogh, SEP, Simple, owner 401(k) and Owner Defined Benefit (ODB) plans. He was active in pioneering various 401(k) plans when they became available in the 1980s. He has also helped several companies initiate health savings accounts (HSA) plans for their employees. His philosophy combines a long-term perspective gained over the years with a discipline that seeks to produce a more consistent return year in and year out.

John Schick – State Auditor
John Schick is a management consultant who has spent seventeen years evaluating the market competitiveness of the IT services used at more than 100 of the largest corporation in the world.

John and his wife have lived in Chesterton for more than twenty years, raising three sons who all also live and work in the state of Indiana. He has an MBA from Indiana University.

As auditor, John would not only strengthen the audit control systems for spending state money, but also defend the constitutional limits that should apply to new spending initiatives designed by the two old political parties.

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