Every Hoosier will have a Libertarian choice for Congress

LPIN has candidates in all nine Indiana districts


Every Hoosier will have the ability to send Libertarians to Capitol Hill in November.

The Libertarian Party of Indiana filled out its congressional delegation by nominating Dakotah Miskus of LaPorte County to serve as the candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in District 1. The LPIN will have candidates for all nine Congressional districts.

Miskus was appointed in a special meeting of the Libertarian Party of Indiana State Central Committee Thursday, June 20.

At age 25, Miskus is one of the youngest candidates on the November ballot nationwide, and hopes to energize young voters.

“I am passionate about representing our community and bringing fresh perspectives to the table,” Miskus said. “I believe my age positions me uniquely to engage and mobilize younger voters, a demographic crucial for our party’s growth and success. Younger voters are the future of our democracy, and it is crucial to engage them in the political process. Historical figures like Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson were young when they made significant contributions to our nation, and I believe we need to inspire today’s youth to take on similar roles.”

Miskus will join William Henry, Jarrad Lancaster, Ashley Groff, Lauri Shillings, James Sceniak, Russel “Rusty” Johnson, K. Richard Fitzlaff and Russell Brooksbank as the Libertarian Party of Indiana’s candidates for U.S. House of Representatives. In addition, Andrew Horning of Owen County will run for U.S. Senate, while Donald Rainwater and Tonya Hudson will headline the state ticket as the gubernatorial candidate team. Chase Oliver and Mike ter Maat will be representing the party as the presidential ticket. All Hoosiers will have the ability to vote for Libertarians in all four races. In addition, there are seven state General Assembly candidates and multiple Libertarians running for local offices.

The current Libertarian Party ticket

  • President: Chase Oliver (Georgia)
  • Vice president: Mike ter Maat (Virginia).
  • Governor: Donald Rainwater (Johnson County)
  • Lieutenant Governor: Tonya Hudson (Lawrence County)
  • United States Senate: Andrew Horning (Owen County)
  • United States House of Representatives
    • District 1: Dakotah Miskus (LaPorte County)
    • District 2: William Henry (Elkhart County)
    • District 3: Jarrad Lancaster (Whitley County)
    • District 4: Ashley Groff (Hendricks County)
    • District 5: Lauri Shillings (Hamilton County)
    • District 6: James Sceniak (Johnson County)
    • District 7: Russel “Rusty” Johnson (Marion County)
    • District 8: K. Richard Fitzlaff (Vigo County)
    • District 9: Russell Brooksbank (Clark County)
  • Indiana House of Representatives
    • District 6: Charlie Florance (St. Joseph County)
    • District 21: Melissa Kauffman-Miller (Elkhart County)
    • District 22: Josh Vergiels (Kosciusko County)
    • District 71: Greg Hertzsch (Clark County)
    • District 97: Mark Rehnholzberger (Marion County)
    • District 98: Elizabeth “Libby” Glass (Marion County)
  • Indiana Senate
    • District 10: Tim Cotton (St. Joseph County)
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