Start a County Party

Your county doesn’t have an official, chartered county organization of the Libertarian Party? Wondering where to start? We can help.

Tell your friends and political acquaintances about your intentions. You are probably a member or former member of a group or political party where you know there are some other like minded people like yourself. Talk to them, they are unhappy too.

Have a meeting. Promote it on social media. Invite everyone. Don’t worry about pomp and formality. Many organizations have started in coffee shops, libraries and restaurants. You will eventually want to pick a consistent location to have your scheduled meetings in the future. Take a vote and elect a chair to run the meeting. It will probably be you so be prepared with a basic agenda of action items that need attention.

Leadership. Seek out leaders in your area to build the party with you. You will need a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

Governing documents are central to a party’s stability. Here is a great example from Clark County. – Draft LPCC Constitution and Bylaws

If you have never ran a meeting before, Roberts Rules of Order In Brief is everything you should ever need. It’s only a few bucks but priceless in its worth. Read it twice.

Recruitment. Identify existing sources of potential members. In addition to your excellent ideas, we can help here as well.

Activism. Collaborate with your fellow members and pick a few areas to tackle. It may be City or County Council, school board or state rep. Jump in with both feet. That is the only way to learn, get better and succeed.

Network. There are many Libertarians in the state who have been through this before. Reach out. They want to lend advice. You may get volunteers to donate resources.






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