2022 Libertarian Election Results

On November 8th, 2022 every Hoosier had at least 3 Libertarians on their ballot with James Sceniak for US Senate, Jeff Maurer for Secretary of State, and John Schick for Auditor.

Across the state there were 56 Libertarians on the ballot with 54 running for partisan offices. Of those 56 candidates – 8 WON, 1 tied, and 1 lost by just one vote (updated as of Nov 18th). That’s a 14.3% win ratio.

Lawrence County had the most Libertarians on their ballot with 7 local, 1 congressional, and 3 statewide candidates for a total of 11 Libertarians.

Jeff Maurer, our SoS candidate, broke the 100,000 vote record and secured 4 more years of LPIN Ballot Access.

Henry, Montgomery, Morgan, Wayne, and Wells Counties all had wins on election night. With Montgomery having 3 of the 8 wins.

Thank you to all of the Libertarian candidates and their volunteers who worked tirelessly to spread the message of Liberty and Freedom in their communities.

Candidate Office County Win Percent Vote Total
James M. Sceniak US Senate Statewide No 3.4% 63767
William E. Henry 2nd Congressional District No 3% 5863
Gavin Maple 7th Congressional District No 2.4% 4240
Andrew Horning 8th Congressional District No 2.7% 5934
Tonya L. Millis 9th Congressional District No 2.9% 6371
Jeffrey Maurer Secretary of State Statewide No 5.7% 104422
John Andrew Schick State Auditor Statewide No 3.5% 64428
Josh Vergiels IN House District 22 No 4.2% 783
Morgan Rigg IN House District 52 No 18.3% 2998
Jada Burton IN House District 77 No 23.4% 2503
Edgar Amaro Villegas IN House District 97 No 2.7% 238
Adam Neumeyer Washington Township Board Allen No 10% 1808
Jeannette Jaquish Fort Wayne School Board D1 Allen No 28.9% 2128
Clayton Soultz Mill Township Board Grant No 12% 563
Andrew Tabor Monroe Township Board Grant No 7.7% 80
Amanda Schwyn Knightstown Town Council Henry No 16.1% 135
Kevin Coryell Redding Township Board Jackson No 6.4% 218
Ronald Hoeferkamp Jefferson County Council D1 Jefferson No 13.4% 241
Ty Shively Marshall County Council D4 Marshall No 5.1% 119
Kristin Alexander Madison Township Board Morgan No 19.2% 998
Rachel Combs Owen County Council D4 Owen No 22% 348
Chad Vanryn Owen County Commissioner D1 Owen No 9.9% 605
Derek Evan Voegel Robb Township Trustee Posey No 29% 176
Randall J. Young Tippecanoe County Council D2 Tippecanoe No 23.1% 2436
Jaime Ortiz Jr. Tippecanoe County Council D3 Tippecanoe No 23.8% 2170
Kaitlyn A. Harwood Sheffield Township Trustee Tippecanoe No 19.5% 217
David Andrew Lewis Kosciusko County Council D3 Kosciusko No 20.3% 1030
Dugan Julian Wayne Township Trustee Kosciusko No 18.9% 1446
Cassandra M Rolon Wayne Township Board Kosciusko No 13.3% 2077
Darin S. Kinser Lawrence County Sheriff Lawrence No 11.9% 1417
Kevin Dustin Bunch Lawrence County Council D1 Lawrence No 8.2% 263
Jason Tylor Russell Lawrence County Council D2 Lawrence No 13.1% 374
Michael Russell Lawrence County Council D3 Lawrence No 17% 562
Niklas R Siniard Lawrence County Council D4 Lawrence No 14.8% 370
Amber Sciscoe Pleasant Run Township Trustee Lawrence No 20.8% 99
Carrie Atkins * Pleasant Run Township Board Lawrence TIE 19.2% 171
Jarryd Myers Whitley County Commissioner D2 Whitley No 5.7% 651
Ryan Day Whitley County Council D1 Whitley No 15.2% 399
Scott Allison Whitley County Council D2 Whitley No 18.1% 513
Max J Greene Washington County Sheriff Washington No 4.7% 376
Tommy Brown III Washington County Commissioner D2 Washington No 13.1% 965
Rhonda Ann Greene Washington County Council D3 Washington No 21.4% 420
David Norton Washington County Council D4 Washington No 13.7% 252
Kevin Kreigh DeKalb County Council D3 DeKalb No 18.1% 429
Ashley Nicole Kosowski Lincoln Township Board LaPorte No 15.6% 230
Rodney J McCormick Sr. Michigan Township Board LaPorte No 6.4% 1014
David Politano Pigeon Township Board Vanderburgh No 13.6% 1026
Melinda Mitchell Newburgh Town Council At-Large Warrick No 13.8% 163
Candidate Office County Win Percent Vote Total
Steve Coffman Liberty Township Trustee Henry Yes 100% 310
Terry Coffman Liberty Township Board Henry Yes 100% 320
Cheryl L Heacox Clay Township Board Wayne Yes 34.6% 190
Tom Knueven Franklin Township Board Montgomery Yes 28.2% 186
Dean Hartley Franklin Township Board Montgomery Yes 28% 185
Frank J Stewart Wayne Township Board Montgomery Yes 21.7% 165
Stephanie A Tucker Ossian Town Council At-Large Wells Yes 29.3% 539
Luke Jackson Martinsville School Board D5 Morgan Yes 100% 5945
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