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Kole: Vote For Gary Johnson!

As I’ve stated, I have never been more proud to vote for the entire slate of Libertarian candidates on my ballot this year. It starts at the top.

Gary Johnson with my kids & I, at a recent campaign stop in Shelby Co, IN

Gary Johnson is easily the best candidate we’ve had in my awareness of the Libertarian Party, which began in 1995 with Harry Browne. He just brings so much more to that table than Browne, Michael Badnarik, or Bob Barr did.

Top of the list, Johnson is a two-term governor. The usual canard is that if a libertarian was elected to office, the state would be in flames within weeks. As it happened, no flames. The people liked him enough to re-elect him. Why? He balanced the state’s budget, turning a deficit into a surplus- despite cutting taxes. He used the veto pen regularly. He cut the size of the bureaucracy. I really like having someone with real executive branch experience running for us. More on Johnson’s record.

I also like his personal record. Johnson started a handyman business and grew it into New Mexico’s largest construction company, with over 1,000 employees. He is an Ironman triathlete (big respect!) and has even reached the summit of Mt. Everest. If Gary Johnson was offered the role on those Dos Equis ads, it wouldn’t surprise me.

I am not even slightly tempted to vote for Obama or Romney.

Obama has a track record of his own now, and it’s all downside for me. When he was elected, there were a few things I could be hopeful (sigh) of. Candidate Obama attacked deficit spending, said he would get us out of Iraq immediately, would close Gitmo, would end indefinite detention, would curb Executive power, would reduce spying on US citizens, and would turn the economy around. That’s actually a lot of things for a Libertarian to be upbeat about upon the inauguration of a Democratic President. Alas, he failed on absolutely every single one of them. Failed. He’s been a miserable President.

In fact, Obama’s term has been so miserable that the Republicans should have taken this easily. Alas, they posted a miserable nominee in Mitt Romney. Normally there are some things a Republican candidate can excite a Libertarian about, in the areas of the economy, size & scope of government especially. Romney excites nothing in me. It doesn’t seem he has any clue what capitalism is, unless it’s crony capitalism. His track record in Massachusetts leaves nothing that makes his pledge to repeal Obamacare credible. He’s about the worst example of a plastic, empty suit, country club Republican I’ve seen in my lifetime.

What’s so horrid about the choice of Romney is that there are so many things about Obama’s record to run against. For example, Obama’s foreign policy is the same train wreck as George Bush’s, but then Romney largely agrees with them- except that he wants to EXPAND the military! No plan to pay for it, just keep on with the borrow-and-spend.

These are Reader’s Digest-sized criticism. They could go another 10,000 words each. So, it’s an absolute no-brainer for me to vote for Gary Johnson.

I am certain that he will break Ed Clark’s high-water numbers for Libertarian presidential candidates. It’s been a long time coming, but I think the combination of  states that are ‘settled’ prior to election day, and the realization that neither Obama nor Romney are very exciting, will make it so.

Video: Full 2012 Third Party Presidential Debate

The entire 2012 Third Party Presidential Debate complete with participants including Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode, & Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson.

The debate was moderated by Larry King & hosted by the Free And Equal Elections Foundation at the Hilton Chicago. Topics discussed include war on drugs, legalization of marijuana, foreign policy, civil liberties, economy, education reform, & domestic policy.

For more about the Third Party Presidential Debate, click here:http://www.ora.tv/ora2012/thirdparty

Gov. Gary Johnson Appears on WISH-TV 8

Gary Johnson, running for president as a Libertarian, is campaigning in Indiana, saying his message is too important not to. He also praised the Libertarian organization in Indiana.

Gary Johnson Speaks in Fairland, IN

Gary Johnson Speaks in Fairland, IN on October 23, 2012.

Governor Gary Johnson To Campaign in Indiana Wednesday and Thursday

Governor Gary Johnson is returning to the Hoosier State for two days!

Wednesday Afternoon:

Governor Gary Johnson will be addressing a political science class at IU-South Bend (Weikamp Hall, Room #1180)

  • Afterwards he will be meeting voters from the public in the courtyard outside of Weikamp Hall to campaign with Joe Ruiz, CD-2.
  • The class will end at 2:15pm.

Wednesday Evening:

Libertarian Party of Shelby County Candidate Meet and Greet

  • Moral Township Fire Station
  • 8333 North Frontage Road Fairland, IN 46126
  • 6 PM – Dark
  • Free and Open to the Public, Unlimited Room
  • Free Chili and Drinks
  • Music from Brian Wallen – http://www.briankeithwallen.com/
  • This will be the only meet and greet in Central Indiana on this stop.
  • Come see Gary Johnson, Rupert Boneham, Rex Bell, and other candidates as they briefly address the crowds on their ideas for America. The majority of time will be spent mingling with the candidates and other Hoosiers, snapping photos with the candidates, and a few other exciting things! This event will be outside, but the weather will be warm.

Thursday Afternoon:

Gary Johnson For President Town Hall forum

The Week Ahead in the LPIN: Debates, Candidate Events and Gary Johnson Returns!

It’s a busy week ahead for the Libertarian Party of Indiana!


Chard Reid Debates Opponents in Congressional District 5 Debate

  • Please come out to support Chard!
  • 3085 W. 116th St. Carmel, IN 46032
  • Doors open at 6:30 PM EST, Debate starts at 7 PM and Ends at 9 PM
  • Congregation Shaarey Tefilla, 3085 W. 116th St. Carmel, IN 46032
  • Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/214948361965169/

Andy Horning calls in to the Gary Snyder Show

Andy Horning Speaks at the Speedway Exchange Club Candidates Forum
  • Monday from 6:15-8:30 pm, plus a mixer
  • Speedway High School
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • The Exchange Club of Speedway will host a Candidate Forum/Town Meeting at Speedway High School, Monday, Oct. 22  Participants will include Senate candidate Andy Horning; Paul Tencher, authorized by Joe Donnelly to speak for him as campaign manager; Brose McVey, authorized by Richard Mourdock to speak for him as deputy campaign manager; 7th District candidate Carlos May; and a representative of Andre Carson.. Also, Senate 35 candidates Mike Young and Mark Waterfill, and House 92 candidates Karlee Macer and Tim Motsinger. Star editorial page editor Tim Swarens; UIndy international relations specialist Doug Woodwell (Yale 04); and Cynthia Baker, Dir of the Program on Law and State Govt, IU McKinney School of Law– and the audience– will question the speakers.
  • First come free tickets for 270 seats may be picked up at Grindstone Charlie’s, 5822 Crawfordsville Rd (in front of Speedway Shopping Center), Saturday, Oct 20, 11 am to 3 pm; Sunday, Oct 21 4 pm to 7 pm, or Monday, Oct 22, 11 am to 1 pm. Walk ins as seats available.
  • Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/290004034442798
Rupert Speaks at IUPUI Politicalpalooza
  • 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
  •  Campus Center, room CE450 A
  • Each candidate holds a 30 minute Q&A session

Executive Director Chris Spangle Offers Commentary on the Final Old Party Debate from the Indy Star Newsroom

  • Follow the hashtag #StarDebate for his thoughts
  • Please help promote Gov. Gary Johnson by tweeting about him using this hash tag!


Andrew Horning Participates in US Senate Debate

  • Date: Tuesday, October 23
  • Broadcast Time: 7 p.m. EDT (6 Pm CST)
  • City: New Albany, IN
  • Venue: Paul W. Ogle Cultural & Community Center, Indiana University Southeast (live audience – seating up to 500), Sold Out
  • Moderator: Ericka Flye, WRTV anchor and host of “Indianapolis This Week”
  • Where to Watch or Listen: http://indianadebatecommission.com/where-to-watch/
Free and Equal Presidential Debate with Governor Gary Johnson
  • The debate will be broadcast live at www.freeandequal.org/live, Link TV, and Al Jazeera
  • RSVP: http://action.freeandequal.org/debate-rsvp/
  • Hosted by Free and Equal, the debate will take place at the University Club of Chicago on October 23. Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode, and Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson have all confirmed their participation in the debate.
  • Moderator: Larry King
  • This debate is the only 2012 Presidential Debate featuring four candidates. The top six candidates were invited to participate. Democratic Party candidate and incumbent Barack Obama and Republican Party candidate Mitt Romney are welcome to participate in this historic debate.
  • “Questions will include foreign policy, the economy, civil rights, and other critical policy issues that affect not only Americans, but the rest of the world as well,” stated Christina Tobin, founder and chair of Free & Equal. “We are honored to have Al Jazeera and Link TV broadcast this historic event.”
  • Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/536074149741346/


Governor Gary Johnson  Returns to Indiana! 

Governor Gary Johnson is returning to the Hoosier State for two days! Three stops are in the works, but only one is confirmed. Please check this facebook event for updates and changes: https://www.facebook.com/events/318176108289736/.

Wednesday Evening:

  • Libertarian Party of Shelby County Candidate Meet and Greet
  • Moral Township Fire Station – 8333 North Frontage Road Fairland, IN 46126
  •  6 PM – Dark
  • Free and Open to the Public, All media welcome
  • This will be the only meet and greet in Central Indiana on this stop.
  • Come see Gary Johnson, Rupert Boneham, Rex Bell, and other candidates as they briefly address the crowds on their ideas for America. The majority of time will be spent mingling with the candidates and other Hoosiers, snapping photos with the candidates, and a few other exciting things! This event will be outside, but the weather will be warm.

Other potential stops:

  • Northern Indiana campus stop on Wednesday
  • Indianapolis-area school stop on Thursday
  • These may be limited or closed to the public. Details TBD.
Rupert Boneham Speaks to WSVX 96.5 FM in Shelbyville, IN


Rupert Boneham Participates in Indiana Gubernatorial Debate

Fort Wayne Debate Watch Party and Celebration

  • Who: Libertarians & friends
  • What: Meetup to watch the governors debate in Fort Wayne
  • Where: Private meeting room, Hotel Marriott, 305 E Washington Center Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46825
  • When: Thursday, October 25th, from 6P – 10P
  • Rupert will join the party after the debate!
  • Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/479157008772884/
Executive Director Chris Spangle stands in for Gary Johnson at the Carmel High School Mock Presidential Debate
  • Live streamed to 4,000 students
Wabash Chamber of Commerce 2nd Congressional District Debate with Joe Ruiz
  • Dallas Winchester Senior Center – 239 Bond St. Wabash, IN
  • 7 – 8:30 pm EST
  • The public is invited & encouraged to attend! Please support Joe!
  • For more information, contact Pat Lynn 260.563.5469 of the Chamber


Rupert calls in to the Amos Brown Show

Rupert calls in to the Gary Snyder Show


LPMC Volunteers at the Irvington Halloween Street Fair

  • Saturday, October 27, 2012
  • 9:00am until 5:00pm
  • Help the Libertarian Party spread the word on the East Side of Indianapolis! The Historic Irvington Halloween Festival culminates on the final day of the festival with a street fair that includes over 120 vendors, live-music, children’s events and a costume parade.
  • Historic Irvington, 5700 East Washington Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46219


Second District Congressional Candidate Debate with Joe Ruiz

  • The American Democracy Project and Political Science Club of Indiana University South Bend and the League of Women Voters of the South Bend Area will host the third bi-annual Second District Congressional Candidate Debate to be televised live on WNIT-TV
  • Sunday, October 28 6-7:30 p.m.
  • Confirmed participants include Democratic candidate Brendan Mullen and Libertarian candidate Joe Ruiz.
  • For more information: http://www.lwvsouthbend.org/

Gov. Gary Johnson Releases Statement On Presidential Debate

(Originally posted at GaryJohnson2012.com)

“America’s challenges and the crises we face demand a real debate — not dueling Phil Donahue acts carping at one another over who is worse.

I defy anyone who watched the debate to identify a plan from either the Republican or Democrat that will achieve a balanced budget. Behind the fuzzy math and the quibbling, there was nothing more than a commitment to continue the status quo — with at most a few minor adjustments. We don’t need adjustments. We need a fundamental reduction in the role and cost of government, and both Romney and Obama are fundamentally big-government guys.

We watched a blame game over immigration, while the problem festers with no solution in sight. We heard quibbling over whose government plan would have saved GM better, but nothing about why the government should be bailing out any company at all. And we heard cheap shots about government-run health care from two candidates who both support it. Where is the reasonable argument that government shouldn’t be running health care in the first place?

On the attacks in Libya, the debate we must have is not over what we call it or when; we need a debate over why we were there at all.

There are clear choices in this election, but they weren’t on the stage tonight.”

Video of the Day: NUVO Covers Gary Johnson’s IUPUI Visit

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party’s 2012 candidate for president talked with NUVO News Editor Rebecca Townsend minutes after delivering a standing room-only speech at the IUPUI campus downtown Indianapolis on Oct. 4, 2012. In a nutshell his platform boils down to free markets and individual freedoms. To find out more about his campaign, visit http://www.garyjohnson2012.com. To find out more about NUVO, visit www.NUVO.net.

Direct Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nml1xFGSe7U

An Open Letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates

Dear Members of the Commission:

On behalf of the 6% of likely voters nationwide who plan to vote for the Libertarian Presidential Ticket of Governor Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray this November 6th (Polled 9/21 by Princeton Survey Research International),

On behalf of the 2% to 10.6% of likely voters polled in the razor-close Tipping Point States of New Hampshire, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Nevada, and Colorado — who plan to vote for Libertarian Presidential candidate, 2-Term Governor Gary Johnson,

Read the rest of this entry »

The ONLY way to meet Gary Johnson on October 4th!

Gary Johnson is visiting IUPUI on October 4th, but it is sold out! But there is one other way to meet Governor Johnson in person.

Join us at the after party benefiting his campaign. For $10, you meet the Governor, you can hear one of Indy’s hottest bands, and there will be free beer and nachos! There are also some really cool VIP packages!

Register here: http://lpin.org/events/gary-johnson-after-party/

Governor Gary Johnson visits IUPUI October 4th

Governor Gary Johnson will visit  IUPUI on his college tour for a rally for Jobs, Opportunity and Diversity. Tickets are sold out for this event, but some seats may open up that night. If not, meet Governor Johnson at our after-party!

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson will be at IUPUI on October 4th.  Come and hear a plan for America that’s smart enough to work.

Lecture Hall Room 101
325 University Blvd., Indianapolis, IN


Entertainment will include:

  • Holly Reinhardt, Singer/Songwriter (reverbnation.com/madwails)

Other speakers to include:

  • Rupert Boneham, LP Candidate for Governor
  • Andrew Horning, LP Candidate for Senate
  • Gary Snyder, Radio Talk Show Host

Media Requests can be sent here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFhkQnhlRFk3M2lnRk1qMHhkWGRXaWc6MQ#gid=0

Gov. Gary Johnson Releases Statement Regarding Libya Attack

Governor Gary Johnson released the following statement regarding the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya:

It is tragic when Americans serving their country are murdered, and we both mourn their loss and honor their service.

Part of honoring that service is to ask the obvious question: What U.S. interest is being served by putting our people – and our money – in places where U.S. personnel can be killed by extremists over a video? We launched millions of dollars worth of missiles to bring down Gaddafi, and this is what we get. We hail and encourage the outbreak of an Arab Spring in Egypt, send them billions of dollars we can’t afford, — and our embassy is breached and our flag desecrated.

In Afghanistan, we continue to put our troops in harm’s way 10 years after our post-9/11 mission was complete. Why?

The airwaves are filled today with political chest-pounding and calls for decisive action. The most decisive and prudent action we can take today is to stop trying to manage governments and peoples on the other side of the globe who don’t want to be managed, get our people out of impossible situations that have no direct U.S. interest, and immediately stop sending money to regimes who clearly cannot or will not control their own countries.

Protecting America with a strong national defense and a rational foreign policy is our leaders’ most basic responsibility. But let us not confuse national security with senseless intervention where our interests are clearly not being served.

Video of the Day: Reason TV – Libertarian Party Candidate Gary Johnson on Voting Libertarian For One Election

“There are a lot more people in this country that describe themselves as libertarian than vote libertarian,” says Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. “You are a libertarian. How about voting just this way one time.”

Reason’s Nick Gillespie sat down with Gary Johnson at FreedomFest 2012, to discuss how to cut the deficit by reforming Medicaid and Medicare, and how his campaign is performing in the national polls.

Direct Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlLBz7X6Www

Video of the Day: Gary Johnson – Ron Paul Revolutionary

As a two-term Republican Governor, Gary Johnson endorsed Libertarian Ron Paul in 2008 and was the only candidate to answer the question about a running-mate in the Fox/Google debate of 2012. He said Ron Paul without hesitation. What Ron Paul started will never fade because Ron Paul is right. We the people will end the wars, abolish the IRS, audit the Fed, balance the budget, stop the spending and end the war on drugs. LIVE FREE

Video of the Day: Gov. Gary Johnson speaks at Paulfest in Tampa

Gov. Gary Johnson speaks at Paulfest in Tampa. (http://www.garyjohnson2012.com/)