Action Items

We’re often asked, “How do I get involved in the Libertarian Party?” We’ve compiled 20 suggestions for any person that is looking for a place to start. Doing just one of these items helps move libertarianism forward.

  1. Learn our beliefs! We have built to help explain what libertarianism is, and how our party applies it to the political process.
  2. Sign the LP Pledge and become a basic member of the National Party at
  3. Like our Facebook page:
  4. Share our Facebook page with your friends on Facebook, and ask them to “Like” us as well!
  5. Join the 1994 Society for at least $10 per month. Contributing to the state party monthly is the most helpful way to fund our efforts in Indiana. This basic commitment helps fund all the costs of our communications, candidate recruitment and training efforts, and outreach materials.
  6. Make sure you are registered to vote!
  7. Make sure your friends, co-workers, and family are registered to vote!
  8. Sign-up for the LP national email newsletter via
  9. Sign-up for the LPIN email newsletter, The Liberty Beacon, via
  10.  Sign-up with  the LPIN Meetup group at
  11.  Follow us on Twitter: @LPIN.
  12.  Contact your county affiliate for information on local candidates and events. This can be found at:
  13.  Purchase LP and LPIN apparel, hats, and business cards from LP Stuff, via
  14.  Volunteer your time for an LP candidate in your area. Candidates need a variety of help, including canvassing neighborhoods, creating and/or managing a website and facebook page, calling voters, or planning and/or managing events.
  15.  Run for office! We need committed, qualified Libertarians to reach out to voters in their community.
  16.  Call into radio talk shows and mention the libertarian message and the Libertarian Party.
  17.  Write a letter to the editor in your home town newspaper. If it is published, please cut out a copy and mail it to LPIN HQ at 1111 East  54th Street, Suite 158. Indianapolis, IN 46220.
  18. Attend local community, township, county, village, and/or municipal meetings and events. If possible, plan an outreach booth at these events.
  19.  Attend your local town or city council meetings to learn what’s happening in your community politically. Often times, no one in the public actually attends these, and politicians are interested in the ideas of a new face.
  20.  Notify the LPIN Chairperson at of interesting news happening in your area. We love to share information on events, good or bad news stories, or on candidate activity with our statewide network.

Permission isn’t needed! The Libertarian Party is made up of grassroots activists making a difference politically. The only thing that can keep the LP from growing is our own inaction.

We thank you for your consideration!


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