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Monthly Donors in the 1994 Society are the lifeblood of the Libertarian Party of Indiana. Monthly donations allow us to pay for all our recurring bills and help plan more outreach, campaign functions, and candidate support.

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  • District Breakfast (morning after Super Saturday)
  • Sunday State Convention Breakfast
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  • LPIN Torch Eagle Lapel Pin
Sustain LPIN!

After securing ballot access in the late 1980′s, the LPIN faced a challenge of stricter ballot access laws imposed by the Indiana General Assembly. After struggling a few years to surpass the new hurdles the LPIN met the tougher hurdle in 1994, and has been the only party to join the Republican and Democrat parties on the ballot continuously since that time.

To celebrate the LP’s ballot victory and develop a plan for sustained growth, the 1994 Society was created. Funds raised through 1994 Society contributions goes toward funding the LPIN’s operations, including staff, outreach, advertising and events.

If you would prefer to give annually, go here.

Thank you for making a commitment to the long-term success of the Libertarian Party of Indiana!

LPIN 1994 Society

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No gift necessary, I want to send all of my donation to the LPIN
LPIN Torch Eagle Lapel Pin
LPIN Torch Eagle Lapel Pin
LPIN Torch Eagle Lapel Pin
LPIN Torch Eagle Lapel Pin
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