Henry, a lifelong Hoosier, lives and works in Plainfield, Ind. with his wife Crystal, who also earned a Libertarian candidacy for State Representative District 91 at convention, and their three children Drake, Zeric, and Kendall.

Henry is an experienced public relations professional with knowledge of the non-profit sector, U.S. Armed Forces Public Affairs, and state-level organization communications.

In the last several years he has worked with many statewide veteran organizations, commissions and committees and contributing to the success of passing legislation with the reformation of the Big Four Committee. He has assisted planning statewide veteran events, coordination and collaboration of veteran resources, and helping change the way veterans are served throughout Indiana.

Henry is a veteran of the U.S. Army and the Indiana Army National Guard from 2005-2015 where he served as a photojournalist. He worked at the Indiana National Guard Joint Force Headquarters Public Affairs Office for a number of those years full time and served honorably and with distinction during two active duty deployments to Afghanistan 2009-2010 and Kuwait 2012-2013.

Henry earned the Bronze Star Medal for his overall journalism work in Afghanistan, among numerous other medals and accolades throughout his military service. His photos, writings, and graphic design works have been published worldwide.

He currently serves as commander of The American Legion Nysewander-Bayliff Post 329, in Plainfield. There, he joins Legionnaires of all ages and war eras who volunteer to help fellow veterans and families in the community.

Henry also currently serves as chairman for the Indiana Chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. There he has helped coordinate a widespread cannabis movement to band groups together from across the state, forming a massive coalition. Indiana NORML is currently working to attempt to affect change at the local level.

Under Henry’s leadership, Indiana NORML is building more volunteer roles within the organization and helping instruct and encourage new and emerging leaders in every county throughout the state. His vision for the group’s approach is having a growing effect in each municipality throughout the state.

Henry owns and operates a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Headbrand, LLC, focusing on digital marketing and communications for companies and organizations in his hometown.

For more information or requests for William Henry, please send email information to contact@williamhenry.us

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