Why I am a Libertarian: Jerry Titus’ Conversion During a Televised Debate

We’re introducing a new segment on LPIN.org today: Why I am a Libertarian. Many people are confused why Libertarian Party members leave the two party system to build up a third party. We will bring you the stories of Libertarians currently working to grow the LPIN.

There are many reasons for the Libertarian Party to press for inclusion in debates, among them the large audience that can be reached with fully developed discussions of Libertarian policy solutions.

Jerry Titus came to see the Libertarian Party as his political home after watching Andy Horning perform in a gubernatorial debate. Titus is now a Libertarian candidate for Howard County Council.

Rebecca Sink-Burris will appear in all three US Senate debates this year, the first took place on Monday, October 11.

Listen here: Jerry Titus’ Libertarian Conversion During a Televised Debate

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