We Need Candidates To Stand Up for Foundational Principles!

Dear Fellow Libertarian,I am writing to ask for your help in the 2010 election cycle. Today’s health care vote has motivated me to write this note to you. I believe that it has never been more important than this election cycle to run as many candidates that will unashamedly preaching the foundational principles of our republic.

Click HERE to let us know if you are ready to run or HERE if you want to volunteer.

This is the year for us to make the case to Hoosier voters that the Libertarian Party is the only reasonable solution in this radical political world. In talking to our friends, family, and co-workers, we want to ensure that voters have the desire and the opportunity to mark their ballots for Libertarian candidates next November.

The Old Parties have failed to uphold the public trust, and it is time for the voting public to restore it. Our citizen candidates run small yet effective campaigns. Our Libertarian candidates do not try to promote themselves. They try to work toward a better life for their families, friends, and neighbors.

The Libertarian Party of Indiana must seize this moment. We cannot do it without your help.

We need committed Libertarians like you to run for political office. We want to run a Libertarian for every State House and State Senate seat. We need to stand up for the 10th Amendment!

We also need candidates committed to the proper role of the Federal Government to run for Congress in both the House and the Senate. Most importantly, we are looking for a dynamic candidate to maintain Libertarian ballot access via the Secretary of State’s race. We believe now, more than ever, that we need to maintain a third option on the ballot.

Click HERE to let us know if you are ready to run or volunteer!

Over the last 30 years, the Libertarian Party has built a solid base of voters in every corner of Indiana. These voters deserve to have candidates who represent their views on the ballot in 2010.

This is not possible if regular citizens like you do not step up and stump for our core principles and for the Constitutions of Indiana and of the United States. Our political system is not permanently broken. It can be fixed by people like you.

If you are not able to run a full-time campaign, then we’d ask you to consider simply putting your name on the ballot. Our base of voters does not want to waste their votes on Republicans or on Democrats, and therefore a paper candidacy can be helpful. In a paper candidacy you answer questions from voters, media, or voter education organizations, and you represent the Libertarian position on the issues. This does not require you to do the harder business of a full-time campaign, which can include fund raising, direct mail, door-to-door canvassing, and volunteer management.

Of course, a full-time active campaign can yield better results for your vote totals, for our up-ballot candidates like Secretary of State, and for voter education. The process of raising money and enlisting volunteers to spread your message can be difficult, but I promise that it will be one of the most rewarding and fun times of your life. Active campaigns build strong County and State parties. This helps to create momentum for each subsequent election cycle.

Click HERE to let us know if you are ready to run or volunteer!

Through your campaigns, we will achieve our 2010 goals for growth as a State party. We are aiming for four outcomes.

  1. Maintain ballot access by achieving over 2% in the Indiana Secretary of State race. This is imperative.
  2. Run at least 150 candidates in Federal, State, and Local races. We want to run 125 candidates for State House and Senate. This will increase vote totals in the Secretary of State race.
  3. Increase LPIN membership in the National LP in order to break into the Top Ten on the State Affiliates list. We currently are 14th in size. I believe we are much stronger than this number.
  4. Increase the number of sustaining 1994 Society members, thereby garnering a monthly income sufficient to expand our staff and fund future campaigns.

We ask you to participate in achieving these goals. Remember, our party is only as strong as the membership allows it to be.

If you are ready to make the decision to run, here is what you need to do next:

1. Ensure that you are a member of the Libertarian Party so that you can run on our ticket. Find out more on membership in the Libertarian Party of Indiana here: http://www.lpin.org/join

2. Notify our State headquarters of your interest in running. You may fill out the form online at http://www.lpin.org/run-for-office/sign-up. A Libertarian Party official will then follow up with you to see if help is needed to start your campaign.

3. Visit the LPIN YouTube Channel (www.youtube.com/LPofIN) to view our complete candidate training course. This will prepare you with every piece of information that you will need to start your campaign. If you haven’t decided on whether to run a full-time campaign, or be a paper candidate, or even run at all, these videos will help you decide.

4. Sketch out a campaign plan!

5. Form your campaign team!

I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you. I am available anytime via email (chair@lpin.org) or by phone (317-920-1994). Thank you for your continued support of liberty in Indiana.

In Liberty,

Sam Goldstein, State Chair

Libertarian Party of Indiana

P.S. If you are not personally interested in running, please consider volunteering on another candidate’s campaign as a campaign manager or as a worker bee. Libertarian candidates are no different than other campaigners: they need many hands to succeed.

P.P.S. The State Party needs your financial support! Candidate recruitment takes serious time and resources. Travel by our Executive Director, Chris Spangle, will be necessary at this time in order to vet candidates around the State. Chris will also travel to train candidates and new County Chairs. Please help us offset these costs by joining or increasing your monthly sustaining 1994 Society contribution by $10 per month or to send a one-time donation. Thank you for your continued financial support of the Libertarian Party of Indiana. You can make a donation by visiting this link: http://www.lpin.org/join.

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