Vogel Enters 2nd District Race

South Bend – 2nd District Voters will again see a Libertarian on the ballot in November.  As of Saturday, Mark Vogel was nominated as the Libertarian candidate to oppose Jackie Walorski andJoe Donnelly.

Vogel, a ten year veteran of the US Navy and US Air Force Reserves, said, “I will focus on sound money, constitutional government, free markets, non-interventionist foreign policy, and individual liberty.  I will never vote for legislation which violates the U.S. Constitution, surrenders our freedoms, compromises our security, demoralizes our citizens, or unnecessarily endangers our brave men and women in uniform.”

He plans to utilize his gained knowledge, saying of his time in the Navy, “I was responsible for preventing and responding to fires, floods, and other emergencies, and for training and preparing the ship’s crew to work as a team to respond to these emergencies as well as the real threat of chemical, biological, and radiological attack”  After his tour in the Navy, Vogel joined the Air Force Reserves where he worked in civil engineering.  He now works as a health care professional who attended both Indiana University and Purdue University.  “Government has been on a path towards socialized heath care and education for at least forty years and the results have been outrageous prices, corruption, and reduced quality,” he said.

Vogel concluded by saying, “I am proud to represent the Libertarian Party in Indiana’s 2nd U.S. Congressional District and to offer voters a real choice in the upcoming elections.  Voters in Indiana’s U.S. House District 2 will have two choices in the upcoming election.  They must decide between the Republican and Democratic Parties which represent endless war, loss of freedom, economic chaos, and statistism, or the Libertarian candidate who recognizes the proper function of government as the protector of life, liberty, and property and supports sound money, constitutional government, free markets, non-interventionist foreign policy, and individual liberty.”

For more information, media may contact Mark Vogel by email at mdvogel@gmail.com or Ryan Liedtky at rliedtky@yahoo.com

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