Tonya Millis BIO

As a native of Indiana, I was a very active child growing up and was involved in many organizations and activities (Girl Scouts, gymnastics, cheerleading, etc.) and always someone who strived to protect the downtrodden. Before my husband and I moved to the beautiful hills of Southern Indiana, I worked many years in the Insurance Industry then at St. Vincent Hospital (Indy) for eight years. Prior to getting my Real Estate License in 2005, I worked five years at Brown County High School as an Aid in the Nurse’s office. Now, as a Real Estate Broker, I have the pleasure of assisting homeowners to sell their house as well as helping buyers to get the home of their dreams.

In my profession, I have the privilege of working with many individuals from many walks of life. I do so with dignity and without prejudice.

The work entailed for my clients involves contract negotiations and multi-tasking to get transactions completed. I do my best to handle the unexpected with grace and always strive to present myself in a professional manner. I have served on State and local committees & boards including as President of the Bedford Board of REALTORS in 2013.

My husband, Doug Millis, and I have been together for 25 years. We are parents, grandparents, and feel lucky to have adopted “Dogs of Liberty”. We encourage all able pet lovers to adopt from their local rescue shelter or the Humane Society.

For most of my adult life, I considered myself a Republican. This party was considered to be the party of limited government, low taxes, and low debt. It has not been this way for a long time now. After becoming an Independent in May, 2016, I began research on the Libertarian Party. While reading the Party’s platform, I thought, “That’s Me”. Then, I realized I have been a Libertarian my entire life and didn’t know it.

My life’s journey and experiences have directed and prepared me to run for office in 2020. The time to stop using our troops to meddle in foreign affairs is long overdue. Return them home!

Now is the time for me to represent the people of Southern Indiana in Washington DC and to stand up for the U.S. Constitution. Together, we can Roll it back.

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