Spangle: Do You Want to Feel Like You Aren’t The Only Libertarian in Indiana?

Dear Friends of Liberty,

My job is to travel the state of Indiana working with Libertarian parties around the state. I get to connect with hundreds of people a year that believe in our principles and values. The reason I am so excited for this year’s LPIN state convention is that it’s one of the few, if only, times that all those hardworking Libertarians gather together.

The week after every state convention, I hear dozens of times: “It was a wonderful experience. It’s so nice to feel like I am not the only Libertarian in Indiana!”

Libertarians will leave Indianapolis on March 25, and return home with a sense of community, renewal and excitement about the major election cycle that lies ahead for our party. I hope that you will join us next weekend.


Chris Spangle

Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Indiana

P.S. Here is a little about the state convention:

  • On Friday night, we’ll host a cocktail reception where you can meet leaders in the party, as well as candidates for President, Governor, Congress, and more!
  • On Saturday morning, Abdul-Hakim Shabazz will host a Presidential debate and straw poll. Confirmed participants: Gary Johnson, Lee Wrights, Bill Still, and Jim Burns.
  • Training workshops
  • Our business meeting is the Libertarian version of the primary! We choose our candidates via nominating convention.
  • A banquet dinner with our Gubernatorial and Senate nominees (Candidates for those offices: Governor –Rupert Boneham, Senate – Andrew Horning).
  • A free concert by libertarian musician Jordan Page!
  • A Sunday morning breakfast for 1994 Society members.
  • If you are in the 9th or 6th district, your State Central Committee representative has pledged to take $20 off your registration!
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