Rupert: The Fight Continues…

Thank you everyone that cast their ballot for me. I would be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t disappointed in the vote totals, but what they don’t reflect are the thousands of Hoosiers that were hopefully empowered by our campaign. I am not a politician. I am someone that wanted my voice to be heard, and for yours to be heard through my campaign. We’re not going anywhere.

We may be wrapping up this campaign in the morning, we will also be starting our campaign for 2016 . We will be watching what our new Governor is going to do, and we will definitely hold his feet to the fire to ensure he does what he promised us all.

I also am looking forward to going back to working on my mentoring program, Rupert’s Kids. For everyone of you that supported me on this campaign I could use your help with Rupert’s Kids. We will start working tomorrow on our new programs because we don’t take a day off from serving our community.

Strengthening our Libertarian party hasn’t been easy, but we have to do it and it will depend on you. It will depend on all of us. I am ready to continue the fight. Are you? It’s Our Time! – Rupert

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