LPIN State Central Committee (SCC) Meeting Set for Sept. 22, 2012, Special Event Held Afterwards

All members are welcome and encouraged to attend the meeting of the Indiana State Central Committee at 1:00 Pm, on Saturday, September 22nd at Claude and Annie’s – 9251 East 141st Street, Fishers, IN.

At 7:00 Pm on the evening of the 22nd, following the SCC meeting, a fundraising event is planned at Morty’s Comedy Joint, 3625 E 96th St., Indianapolis.

All proceeds will benefit the state-wide LPIN candidate from which you purchase your ticket. Contact the campaigns of Andrew Horning, Rupert Boneham or Brad Klopfenstein to buy your ticket to attend the Comedy Club fundraiser.




Hold the following dates, the tentative Annual Schedule is shown below. Full details will be provided as soon as they become available.

December 1st – week-end retreat in Fort Wayne
February 16 – Lafayette

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