LPIN Podcast: Rebecca Sink-Burris wins Libertarian nomination for US Senate

Rebecca Sink-Burris has taken on many important roles for the LPIN over 30+ years of activism, including retaining ballot access in 2002 as a candidate for Secretary of State, and currently representing the state on the Libertarian National Committee. She now has another: Candidate for US Senate.

Rebecca speaks about the issues she’ll run on, her eagerness to travel across the state to spread her message, and even some LNC notes.

Find out more at her website: www.electrebecca.com

Listen to the new podcast here: 045 Rebecca Sink-Burris wins Libertarian nomination for US Senate.

The LPIN podcast is a feature of the LPIN, highlighting candidate and member efforts through direct interviews. The program is hosted by Libertarian Party of Hamilton County Chair Mike Kole. You can also subscribe through iTunes by clicking here. You can also search for this podcast in the iTunes directory.

Audio can be used freely if attributed to LPIN and www.lpin.org.

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