LPIN Podcast: Young Gun TJ Thompson’s takes aim at Mike Pence

TJ Thompson is one of three Libertarian candidates for US House under the age of 30 (the others are Jon Morris in District 1, and Chard Reid in District 5) calling themselves ‘The Young Guns’ in acknowledgment not just of their age, but their energy and passion for the work of turning the country around.

Thompson is interested at a very technical level, holding the belief that each member of Congress should read each bill before voting on them, and has written legislative proposals addressing topics such as Congressional pay.

Listen to the podcast here: 058 Young Gun TJ Thompson’s takes aim at Mike PenceHe also hosts a web-based radio program called ‘The Young Guns Conservative Show’ at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/cbmedia-network


Audio can be used freely if attributed to LPIN and www.lpin.org.

The LPIN podcast is a feature of the LPIN, highlighting candidate and member efforts through direct interviews. The program is hosted by Libertarian Party of Hamilton County Chair Mike Kole. You can also subscribe through iTunes by clicking here. You can also search for this podcast in the iTunes directory.

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