Libertarian Candidate Seeks To Unseat Carson

Indianapolis — Libertarian candidate Jason Sharp has announced he will be seeking the Libertarian nomination for Indiana’s 7th District Congressional Seat. Based in the heart of the state, the district encompasses most of Marion County and Indianapolis.

The seat is currently held by Democrat Congressman Andre’ Carson.

Jason Sharp has been active in community and state issues for many years. Most recently, he managed the campaign of fellow Libertarian Jeff Spoonamore for Mayor of Greenwood. He has worked tirelessly for several campaigns across the state fellow Libertarians Rupert Boneham who is seeking the Libertarian nomination for Governor of Indiana and Andy Horning who is seeking the Libertarian nomination for U.S. Senate.

Jason Sharp is a life long member of East 10th Street United Methodist Church, and a graduate of Arsenal Technical High School with long standing ties to the near East side of Indianapolis.

His primary focus while working in Congress will be the innovative use of resources, improving the openness and responsiveness of the legislative process, creatively reducing government spending, returning our government to the guidelines laid out by the U.S. Constitution, and serving the needs of our citizens rather than the needs of the few.

Taxpayers are losing faith in the ability of our government to act capably and without influence from special interests. As voters and taxpayers, we can create change. If something is not working, we can choose to fix it. We must guarantee that the continuation of poor performance and self-serving behavior is no longer allowed from our politicians. It is time to hold those responsible for the problems we as a country are facing accountable. It is time to bring an end to a Washington dynasty that has had their boots on the throats of Hoosiers for more than two decades. It is time we start listening to what the United States Constitution tells us, and it’s time we stand up and say enough is enough.

Hoosiers are facing an unemployment rate of almost 9% with no indication that steps are being taken to drastically reduce that number. The housing crisis is far from over as 1 in every 230 homes are being foreclosed on with no indication that steps are being taken to drastically reduce that number. We are heading in to the coldest months and we still have more than twenty thousand homeless on the streets of Indiana, many of which are families with small children, with no indication that steps are being taken to drastically reduce that number.

We have been given a lot of promises, a lot of excuses, and a lot of double talk. What we haven’t been given are viable answers and solutions to the problems we face. Washington continues to debate and disagree all the while the problems keep multiplying. It is time to end the bickering and start moving in the right direction. As we’ve seen, it isn’t going to happen as long as we keep electing the same people over and over again. It’s time to say no to the two party system, it’s time to say no to the entrenched corporate influenced politicians, and it’s time we realize this is the moment that will either define us or destroy us.

You can learn more about Jason Sharp and his campaign by visiting Facebook at or via Twitter @SharpForCongress

For more information, contact Jason Sharp at (317) 667-3477, or by email at

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