Keep the Momentum Going!

Here are just a few things we have accomplished since the 2008 elections:

  • In our office, we have completely revamped how our party works. We have reorganized, streamlined, and digitized the office. Our central committee frequently communicates online and has access to many of the working documents to ensure efficiency and oversight.
  • Tools like online Facebook groups and county chair meetings created new ways to connect leaders and candidates from across the state.
  • We’ve redesigned the LPIN website, and we’ve seen 48,952 unique visitors over three years due to constant original content creation.
  • Our email newsletter list went from 827 in 2008 to 3,274 subscribers in 2012.
  • The LPIN facebook page was 77 people in late 2008 with little activity. It is now 4,065 “likes.” This is more than any other state party.
  • On YouTube there are 171 subscribers and 12,098 video views since joining on Nov 14, 2008. Most of the 80 videos are training videos used across the nation by libertarians.
  • We have also launched many new programs like our podcast network, LPIN.TV, our LP 101 classes, the Libertarian Legislative Think Tank, and the Libertarian Training Center website and classes.
  • Twelve county parties were affiliated or reorganized since the close of the 2008 campaign.
  • We maintained four years of ballot access in 2010.

As a result, we saw fantastic election results in each election cycle since the close of the 2008 election. In 2012, our Presidential and gubernatorial candidates doubled our percentages from four years ago. Our U.S. Senate candidate Andrew Horning held the percentage set by Rebecca Sink-Burris in 2012, and was just 24k votes short of Steve Osborn’s total in his 2-way race with Lugar in 2006! For the first time a Libertarian Congressional candidate, Rex Bell, won precincts in Indiana.

Your contributions made all of this possible. Without you, we would not be the growing force that we are. Please help us continue that momentum today!

Help our party today by donating today:


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