Jeremiah Morrell: Walking & Talking

We are in the final weeks of the campaign season. Over 200 yard signs supporting our campaign are now out in District 54. There are 8 billboards up across the three counties. Support from friends, both old and new have been humbling, to say the least.
We are in the final push to let voters decide the direction of Indiana. So many important races across the state and the country. In our race, our campaign team has been working daily, distributing THOUSANDS of door hangers across the region. We have many more miles to walk, and porches to visit. But to this point, the response has been truly invigorating. I know that a Libertarian has never served in the General Assembly before, but it is a REAL possibility in 2012.

We are in a two way race, with tremendous support from people across all political lines. I have had Democrats, Libertarians, Independents, and ever MANY Republicans express their support for our candidacy for change, liberty, and independence in 54.

I look forward to our next public forum, which is tomorrow evening in Knightstown at the legendary Hoosier Gym. I look for a spirited discussion of issues, and look forward to meeting with many voters whom we have not yet reached.

The next few weeks will decide this race. We have had great events meeting with voters across the district. Last Friday, we worked the concession stand at the Hagerstown football game. Great crowd that loves their Tigers (And their hot chocolate!).

I look forward to seeing all of you along the way!


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