IN SOS Candidate Mike Wherry on Today’s Voter ID Ruling


INDIANAPOLIS, IN (6/30/10) – Today, the Indiana Supreme Court issued its opinion in League v. Rokita regarding the Voter ID law in Indiana. Libertarian Party nominee for Secretary of State Mike Wherry supports this decision by the Court and applauds this protection against voter fraud.

Wherry explains, “The Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of a common sense law today. We have to show identification for any number of normal day-to-day tasks to prove who we are. The need to show ID in order to vote should not have to be any different. It is important for us to have integrity in our elections without disenfranchising voters. And this law provides opportunities for all voters with ample provisions for those who may not currently have proper ID.”Mike Wherry is the Libertarian Party’s nominee for Secretary of State. Wherry is a naval veteran, engineer and patent attorney who resides in Greenfield, Indiana. His campaign is focused on providing more choices for Indiana voters.

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