Libertarians believe competition in education between private and public organizations will lead to a better education system along with more parental influence in their children’s education

In order to achieve the best possible opportunity of education we advocate bringing the positive benefits of competition to the monopolistic government schools. Therefore we call for the privatization and deregulation of schools. Also we call for the repeal of compulsory education laws, truancy laws, school and teacher certification and licensing laws, and taxpayer financing of education. As an interim measure we advocate tax credits for any individual or business sponsoring a person’s education, equal to the amount of that assistance. We also support open enrollment and the expansion of Minnesota’s charter school program which allows parents, students and educators to independently set up semi-autonomous schools operating under reduced public authority. On principle, Libertarians call for the eventual complete separation of government and education, and call for an immediate end to state mandated curricula, including but not limited to: the Profile of Learning, Goals 2000, and School to Work.


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