2024 Award Noms

LPIN 2024 Award Nominations

Every year we recognize the hard work and passion of those involved in growing the party. We present these Awards at the Libertarian Party of Indiana convention. With the exception of two awards, all winners are granted their award by a vote of the LPIN membership.

This year, we are opening up the awards vote to all LPIN members. This will give the Convention Team time to have the awards produced and ready for presentation to the award recipients at the Awards Banquet Dinner on March 2nd.

How to Vote: On January 30th, 2024 you will receive an email from OpaVote that will have instructions for voting. Online voting will end Friday, February 2nd at noon ET. If you are current LPIN Member and did not receive the OpaVote email – 1. Check your SPAM/Promotions folders: 2. email us at lpinhq@lpin.org – the email address in our system may need updating or you’ve opted out of receiving emails.

The recipient is honored as the person most responsible for the growth of the party and dedication to the libertarian cause.

  • Donald Rainwater (Johnson)
  • Kristin Alexander (Monroe)

Kristin started 2023 by taking on Membership Director duties and has become an extremely capable and effective vice chair as well as a fantastic membership director.

Kristin has greatly improved our membership services getting pins and cards out and setting up processes to continue to do so going forward. She follows up with membership renewals and provides quality membership reporting. Her time as Membership Director is directly related to the retention we have seen in an off year like 2023.

  • Kristi Avery (Allen)
Kristi is a great volunteer running around to all parts of northeast Indiana supporting the counties.
  • Tim Cotton (St Joseph)
Tim Cotton has dedicated his last year to creating outreach platforms to grow the party. Through social media, events, and messaging opportunities, Tim has creatively worked to engage the public and spread the Libertarian message. Tim has also offered his time and talents to several campaigns. I look forward to seeing where he leads St. Joseph County in 2024.

Awarded to a current elected officeholder of the Libertarian Party that best promotes libertarian principles and values through public service.

  • Clayton Soultz, Jonesboro City Council (Grant)
  • Tom Knueven, Franklin Township Board (Montgomery)
  • Dean Hartley, Franklin Township Board (Montgomery)
  • Luke Jackson, Martinsville School Board D5 (Morgan)

Awarded to a party member who has worked exceptionally hard to spread the message of libertarian principles to as many potential voters as is possible.

  • Jennifer Caummisar-Kern (Floyd)
Jennifer is the current Chair of the Libertarian Party of Floyd County. After spending a couple of years working with and partnering with neighboring Clark County, Jennifer organized Floyd County to be affiliated with the LPIN. She has been a reliable Chair that plans ahead for events and registers booth space for Floyd County including the Harvest Homecoming Festival in New Albany while also participating with her Libertarian brothers & sisters in other counties. Jennifer has worked hard to keep the membership strong in Floyd County and assisted in the recruitment of three candidates to be on the 2023 ballot in New Albany. At events where there is a Libertarian booth, Jennifer is out front passing out literature and talking to voters about Libertarianism as well as promoting our candidates. She encourages citizens to take the smallest Political Quiz whenever she can. Jennifer has been a stellar leader in her community as well.
  • Tonya Hudson (Lawrence)
Tonya has made a point to be at as many events as possible that advance the cause of liberty.
Tonya Hudson gives her all 100% of the time. She is dedicated to getting out to meet voters, listen to their concerns, and shares the value of the Libertarian message with everyone she meets. I have seen her travel around the state on many occasions and she will always do what she can to meet the voters where they are.
  • Chad VanRyn (Owen)
Constantly going out of his way to promote the Libertarian party, while being a good steward.
  • Phil Miller (Hancock)
Phil has worked behind the scenes in Hancock county and has helped get the word out that we are here.
  • Andrew Nicholson (Floyd)
During his campaign, worked to register new voters and encourage voting.
  • Donald Rainwater (Johnson)
He’s very effective & persuasive with the average voter.

Awarded to a campaign volunteer who has worked above and beyond in an extraordinary fashion, and has significantly contributed to the success of a campaign.

  • Luke Lomax (Hancock)

Luke spearheaded the silver for mayor campaign promo materials and spent a whole day off work making sure we got flyers and mailers done.

  • Mark Rutherford (Hamilton)

Mark Rutherford has spent countless hours behind the scenes advising candidates, campaign managers, and volunteers of all varieties. Without his experience and knowledge, the success of many campaigns and the state party would be significantly impacted.

  • Eric Allen (Morgan)

Eric knocked more doors than any other non-candidate in 2023. He reliably attended nearly all outreach events in Morgan County to support Danny Lundy’s Campaign.

Awarded to a Libertarian Candidate that has shown an extraordinary ability to reach and connect with voters, as well as further the cause of libertarianism.

  • Josh “JT” Turner (Floyd)

Joshua did an excellent job as a council member reaching out to his constituents and spreading the ideals of libertarianism. During this last election he came very close to winning as a Libertarian. This was due to his hard work and dedication to spreading libertarianism and growing the party.

Introduced the LP to an entire new segment of enthusiastic voters in Floyd County; recruited new candidate-members to run with him; out door-knocked all other candidates this year.

Josh served as Libertarian council person in New Albany and showed what Libertarian principles can do when applied. He reached out to voters who would not have previously considered voting for a third party.

  • Larry Silver Jr (Hancock)

Larry spent a ridiculous amount of time speaking and visiting in Hancock County and Greenfield during his campaign. He ran a solid race and effected change in Greenfield through consistent attendance at town council meetings and by updating the HanCo LP FB page at least weekly.

I am nominating myself as I did not win the battle the war is not over and the fear we brought to the republican voters caused them to get more of their base out to vote and we saw a voter turnout increase for the first time since 2011 for a local election.

  • Melany Love (Whitley)

Melany was an exceptional candidate this past year for the Common Council of Columbia City. Her ingenuity as far as graphic design and creating simple items for her campaign while operating on a small budget should be inspiration for others on how to do more with less.

  • Elizabeth “Libby” Glass (Marion)

Libby was an outstanding candidate in 2023 in the race for Indianapolis City-County Council District 13. Libby gained the trust of 1,564 voters, an excellent result of 22.2% of votes cast in this race. Libby held multiple campaign events including an interview on the Tony Katz Show on WIBC Radio (93.1 FM). Libby actively sought and had the full support of the Marion County Libertarian Party. Libby also had the support of Indianapolis Republicans whose party failed even to provide a candidate in the race. Simply stated … Libby ran an outstanding campaign and represented the Libertarian Party well.

  • Danny Lundy (Morgan)

Danny Lundy continues to be a leader in libertarianism year over year. As a candidate he knows what the voters are concerned about. He plans and executes campaigns to meet his voters. He has the ability to recruit and train volunteers to extend his outreach and he is a pleasure to work with.

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