Do you want to run for office?   - Libertarian Party of Indiana

Do you want to run for office?  

Do you want to run for office?  

You can run for office at any level. There’s still time. Contact us ASAP.

Any candidate seeking nomination at the LPIN State Convention on May 5 must have their candidate application turned in to the LPIN Political Director by April 5 to appear on the convention ballot.

Use the online form or the printable form here: LPIN Candidate Application Form 2017-2.0

Candidates who do not have a form submitted by April 5 will not be on the printed ballot, but may still be a write-in candidate at the convention.  Email the LPIN political director for more information. (

Want to volunteer for someone else’s campaign? Contact the LPIN political director for that as well. We eagerly welcome your assistance!  Visit for more volunteer information.

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