The last few weeks of the campaign season are the most important. This is when casual observers of politics decide on what candidate to vote for. Get out the vote efforts are extremely important in helping voters make their decision.

What does a Get out the Vote effort look like?

GOTV efforts typically include canvassing neighborhoods, phone banking, and standing out side of voting locations. It is about making a personal connection with as many voters as possible.

Check out the LPIN resources page for canvassing tips if you are going out to walk a neighborhood: How to Canvass for Votes

Click here to learn tips for working your own precinct on election day: Poll Worker Ten Commandments

What can I do to help Libertarian candidates GOTV?

  1. Take Election Day off of work. Email a campaign that you’d like to volunteer for, and ask for materials. You can also email the LPIN Chairperson and ask for materials:
  2. The State party has World’s Smallest Political Quiz door hangers. We will mail you as many as you need to walk your own neighborhood to put these on your neighbor’s doors. Please email the LPIN Chairperson at with requests. There is no charge currently for these.

Student Voting Resources

Find all the answers and resources for college students wanting to get registered to vote or how to vote while attending college by


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