2014 LPIN Convention – April 25 ~ 27

This April in Indianapolis, Hoosier delegates to the Libertarian Party of Indiana convention will celebrate our 20th year of continuous ballot access. Libertarians from around Indiana will gather to nominate their candidates, select leadership, participate in training and select national convention delegates.  Amid the camaraderie and laughs, delegates will select federal, statewide and state level candidates.  Keynoting this year’s meeting is Cato Institute Senior Fellow, Michael Tanner.




Friday, April 25, 2014 Hospitality Suites
6:00 PM — 9:00 PM EDT Join libertarians from every corner of Indiana for cocktails and casual fun!


Saturday, April 26 Speakers
Tanner_2 Michael Tanner, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute
Time Magazine calls Michael Tanner, “one of the architects of the private accounts movement,” and Congressional Quarterly named him one of the nation’s five most influential experts on Social Security.  Tanner heads research into a variety of domestic policies with a particular emphasis on health care reform, social welfare policy, and Social Security.  Most recently, Tanner co-edited Replacing Obamacare: The Cato Institute on Health Care Reform, a compilation of the Cato Institute’s work over the past several years on health care reform and Obamacare, with contributions by over a dozen national experts, including Tanner himself.
image Sheila Suess Kennedy, Professor of Law and Policy in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, IUPUI
Before joining the IUPUI staff in 1998, Kennedy had several careers.  After serving as the City of Indianapolis legal counsel, Kennedy successfully took her turns at practicing business law and running a real estate development company. In 1980, she was the Republican candidate for the then 11th U.S. Congressional seat. She later served as the Executive Director of the Indiana Civil Liberties Union, now the ACLU of Indiana. Kennedy will discuss the ACLU’s involvement in historic civil libertarian cases for over 60 years as well as highlighting its mission of protecting the freedoms guaranteed to Indiana residents by the Indiana and United States Constitutions.
bruno Bruno Behrend, Senior Fellow for Education Policy, The Heartland Institute
In the latest Indiana legislative session, the Indiana Legislature voted to abandon Common Core, the national educational standards initiative adopted by a majority of states. Indiana is the first state to abandon the standards in favor of crafting our own. However, what is Common Core? How will Indiana’s standards differ from those just dropped? What must we look out for in the new state-specific standards? Bruno Behrend, a seasoned political advisor and education policy advisor with The Heartland Institute will provide the primer necessary for better understanding from where our education policy has come and what direction it continues.
showalter Stuart Showalter, Child Custody Advocate/Legislative Activist
With an eye toward the Indiana statehouse, Stuart Showalter is no stranger to the legislative process. As a child custody policy advisor, Mr. Showalter has written and had child custody related legislation passed into law.  His counseling to lawyers has helped them achieve more favorable results for their clients including winning appeals, gaining parenting time, reducing conflict, and mediating agreements. Additionally he made important contributions to the amended Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines that went into effect March 2013 and is currently formulating recommendations for the Indiana Child Support Guidelines.
418160_10151150539256507_1476717395_n Matt LaFleur, Owner and Manager of PoliceStateUSA.com
With a mission to educate and inform the public about issues that endanger our rights and liberties, and to work to fix them through non-violent means, Police State USA was formed as a grassroots alternative media outlet dedicated to exposing the systemic formation of an American police state.  Since its launch in 2010, Porter County resident Matt LaFleur has built a team of contributing authors that have grown the website’s presence and following through exhibiting professionalism, accuracy, knowledge of the subjects and a passion for the liberty movement. 
Bill Levin, Marketing and Event Promotions

Whether it was managing future astronaut David Wolfe’s grade school band or booking future Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame artists, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, in Broad Ripple nightclubs, Bill Levin has never held back. The concert promoter turned event organizer knows how to create a buzz through marketing, promotions and one-on-one outreach. A master of creative planning, Levin will share his oftentimes unorthodox approach to generating campaign and political party interest with convention attendees.

LPIN Business Meetings - Nomination of candidates, revision of by-laws and discussion on points of order will be discussed.  Annual awards for volunteers, candidates and communicators will be announced. The business meeting is free to all LPIN members. All other sessions of the weekend require a convention package.
Johnny Magic Headlines Awards Banquet

“Hilarious and inspiring!” That’s how the comedy and magic of Indianapolis entertainer Johnny Magic has been described. With his background in theater, improv and stand-up comedy, Johnny Magic presents a fun, memorable show. From the moment he is on stage, he engages the crowd, holds their attention and encourages participation. All ages enjoy when Johnny Magic performs. His quick wit and amazing illusions leave the audience wanting more.


Sunday, April 27, 2014 1994 Society Breakfast
hubbard Hubbard Keynotes 1994 Society Breakfast
After years of being persecuted by the City of Indianapolis for running a completely legal and legitimate business, dominatrix Melyssa Hubbard found a new calling as a political activist. The result was the establishment of the first Indiana Tea Party in 2007. By the end of that year, her activism ousted a popular Indianapolis mayor from office and turned attention to legislative and tax issues, leading to more than two billion dollars in tax savings for Hoosier homeowners. After retiring her dominatrix career in 2006, Hubbard has chronicled her story in a new book Spanking City Hall.  To gain admission, please join the 1994 Society today!

Convention Package Information

Packages The package includes: Price
Full Convention Package
4/1 thru 4/18
All speakers, workshops and lunch and dinner on Saturday. Sunday 1994 Society is included for members of the LPIN Sustaining Membership program. $150
Student Package
Available to full-time students with student identification.Thru 4/18
All speakers, workshops and lunch and dinner on Saturday. Sunday 1994 Society is included for members of the LPIN Sustaining Membership program.  Student pricing good through 4/19/14. $60
Saturday Dinner Package Saturday evening banquet and entertainment. Good thru 4/19/14. $60
1994 Society Breakfast Sunday morning 1994 Society Breakfast is available to Sustaining Program members. Join Here!

MEMBERSHIP:  To guarantee your status as a delegate to the convention, including voting rights, you must be a member of the LPIN in good standing by April 6, 2014.  Membership dues are $25 annually to either the Libertarian National Committee or the Libertarian Party of Indiana or a minimum $10/monthly through the 1994 Society Sustaining Member program. To confirm membership, please consult with your district representative or email Alyssa Salgado at asalgado@lpin.org. Convention registration fees does not count toward membership.

DELEGATE STATUS: Affiliated county delegates to the LPIN Convention and Business Meeting are selected at county conventions.  Check with your county chairman for the dates of your local convention. In unaffiliated counties, delegates are seated by the LPIN State Central Committee. For more information email Dan Drexler at lpinhq@lpin.org.

PAYMENT BY CHECK: If you prefer to register by check, contact Dan Drexler at or by email at lpinhq@lpin.org.


Caribbean Cove Hotel & Convention Center

Rates through 4/4 Amenities and Surrounding Area
SOLD OUTKing: $72/night
Two Doubles: $82/night

Caribbean Cove Hotel & Water Park is just a splash away! We’re conveniently located on the northwest side of Indianapolis at the intersection of I-465 North and US 421-Michigan Road.  The hotel is only 20 minutes from downtown Indianapolis and is convenient to numerous shopping areas, parks, golf courses, professional sports facilities, nightlife, theaters, cultural events and most major attractions.

Other amenities at this non-smoking hotel include:

  • Free wireless high-speed Internet access
  • Business center
  • Access to LA Fitness gymnasium
  • Guest laundry facilities

Water Park passes are available at a discounted $8.00/person for convention guests.

Attendees staying overnight, should make a reservation directly with the Caribbean Cove Hotel & Conference Center. Discounted group room rates end on April 10, 2014. Mention “The Libertarian Party of Indiana” to secure the discounted hotel rate.
Address: 3850 DePauw Boulevard, Indianapolis, Indiana 46268
RESERVATIONS: 317-872-9790


Convention Notices & Rules

conv_agenda rule_biz_agenda bylaws_prop

Legal: Paid for and authorized by the Libertarian Party of Indiana, Dan Drexler, Chair, 737 E 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46240. This is not authorized by any federal candidate or candidate’s committee. Contributions to the LPIN are not tax deductible as charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes. There are state and federal laws requiring political committees to report the name, mailing address, occupation, and name of employer for contributions. Your contribution will be used in connection with federal elections and is subject to the limitations and prohibitions of the Federal Election Campaign Act. Contributions from foreign nationals are prohibited.