Bartholomew County – Rickers Drink-In for Liberty

Marion County – Monthly Meeting
June 1, 2017
St. Joseph County Indiana Whiskey and Crooked Ewe
June 5, 2017

Bartholomew County – Rickers Drink-In for Liberty

August 27, 2017 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
1711 E 25th Ave
Columbus, OH 43219
Libertarian Party of Bartholomew County

Back in June, the Bartholomew and Jackson County Libertarian Party chapters hosted #LPdrinkin at the Ricker’s restaurant and convenience store in Columbus. This drew great visibility to the causes of personal choice and to the Libertarian Party of Indiana. Let’s build on that success with a follow-up LP Drink-in by taking over the Ricker’s location once again, having some brews and burritos and taking a collective stand for individual liberty. Below is the description from the original event:

Since 1979, Rickers has been offering Hoosiers quality products and friendly service. In an effort to better serve their customers, Rickers opened restaurants offering carry-out cold beer in two of its fifty locations. Unfortunately, Indiana’s powerful liquor lobby successfully convinced the Indiana General Assembly to alter the laws regarding carry-out cold beer sales. Rickers will only be able to sell carry-out cold beer until their license expires.

The Ricker’s issue brings to light a pervasive and unacceptable set of infringements on the personal freedoms of adult Hoosiers that also stifle competition among legitimate businesses, thereby hurting consumers through limited choice and inflated prices. The state of Indiana is giving Ricker’s competitors an unfair advantage over them by using the power of the state to shut down fair competition.

Additionally, by intervening and interfering with private business matters of Ricker’s based on Indiana Title 7.1, the state government has also set the precedent that it is the entity that sets and enforces the standard of morality for law abiding, adult Hoosiers, rather than those law abiding, adult Hoosiers themselves who we believe are quite capable of making their own choices, and if they make the wrong ones to suffer their own consequences.

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