2014 Agenda and Business Meeting Standing Rules

*Required by Bylaws 

  1. Call Business Meeting to Order
  2. Credential and Seat Delegates of Affiliated Counties*
  3. Credential and Seat Delegates from Unaffiliated Counties*
  4. Reading and Approval of Minutes of the last Annual Business Meeting – John Schick, Secretary*
  5. Adopt Agenda and Standing Rules for Annual Business Meeting*
  6. Financial Report – Michael Schultheiss, Treasurer
  7. Chairman’s Report – Dan Drexler, State Chairman
  8. Presentation of Charters to Latest Affiliated Counties
  9. District Break-out Meetings
  10. Voting for LPIN Awards

Recess for Special Panel Discussion featuring Bruno Behrend, Heartland Institute Education Policy Fellow and Melanie Hughes, Secretary, The Sudbury School of Kentuckiana, Inc.

  1. Remarks by LNC District 3 Representative Sam Goldstein
  2. Nomination of LP National Convention Delegates & Alternates
  3. Nomination of Local Candidates from Unaffiliated Counties
  4. Nomination of State Candidates
  5. Nomination of Statewide Candidates
  6. Nomination of Federal Candidates
  7. Closing Remarks
  8. Adjourn


Annual Business Meeting Rules

These rules supplement the Bylaws. Please check your Bylaws for additional requirements and procedures.

  • Rule 1: Affiliated counties will be allocated membership delegates based on the number of state members in their county as of December 31, 2014.
  • Rule 2: Delegates can vote either, yea, nay, none of the above; or abstain from voting.
  • Rule 3: Use white index cards for secret ballot.
  • Rule 4: For all votes except secret ballots and voice votes, raise green neon card for “yea”, red neon card for “nay” and yellow neon card for “none of the above”.
  • Rule 5: The annual meeting will follow the published convention schedule and break for scheduled convention events, including, but not limited to lunch, dinner, seminars, presentations, etc.
  • Rule 6: Proposed amendments to the bylaws made by the bylaws committee will be discussed first followed by any additional bylaws submitted to the chair in the order they were received prior to March 27, 2014. A motion with a second must be raised on the floor to bring each proposed amendment to the floor.
  • Rule 7: The delegate sponsoring the proposed amendment will be given one minute to speak on behalf of the amendment. The floor will then be open to discussion by the delegates. Each delegate will have one minute to speak on the proposed amendment. The first delegate recognized must be in opposition to the proposed amendment, unless no delegate in opposition asks to be recognized.

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